Familiarity with the popular and powerful Linux operating system

Linux is one of the most powerful operating systems that has different distributions (versions) and this is why anyone can use Linux in any work. Linux is an operating system from the world of open source, which means that you You have easy access to the Linux executable code and source, and you can fully customize Linux, add features to it, and then share this version that you modified yourself so that others can use it as well. This is while the operating system codes like Windows are closed and you have no access and can not make changes in the Windows kernel and it is not clear at all what is behind the scenes of Windows and what is happening !!!?

آموزش لینوکس

Learning Linux is not difficult, but it requires basic knowledge, especially for people who have already worked with Windows and now want to migrate to Linux. In the early stages of dealing with Linux, they have difficulty and confusion. We have put a section of the cws website for articles and tutorials for Linux so that you can start working with Linux without any problems and enter a sweet and wonderful world, especially in the true sense of the word, free from the empire of companies that face everything users. They are closed to get rid of.

Below you can access Linux articles. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.