How to Build a Water Level Sensor Circuit in the Tank?

Construction of a tank water level sensor with IC ULN2003:

In this tutorial, which is a continuation of the tutorial on building a tank water level sensor circuit, you will learn another method of building this type of circuit. As you watched in the first part of the tutorial on building a tank water level sensor circuit, the sensor was built using transistors and resistor, but here we will use an IC.

Introduction to IC uln2003

The IC that have been used in this tutorial is one of the most widely used ICs in various circuits, especially along with microcontrollers. The structure of IC uln2003 comes from a pair of transistors called Darlington Transistors which can amplify ampere up to 500 mA, and have applications such as sensor circuits, which an example will be provided in this tutorial. In the image below which is a schematic of this IC, it is clear that which bases are input and output of IC and in the tutorial video, schematics along with the construction of the circuit are well taught

uln2003 shematic

آی سی uln2003










Stay with us to watch the tutorial video below to learn how to use this IC to build the desired water level sensor.

Construction of a tank water level sensor:

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